Depot                                                           Type            Working Hours                                                                                                                                   Adress

Aubin Rennes

08h30-12h30 / 14h00-18h30

 1 rue des entrepreneurs P.A. du Hindré, 35310 Bréal-sous-Monfort

AC Log Atlantique Ctn LogistiqueInland 08h00-12h00 / 14h00-17h45

 Route de Saintes, 17400 Saint Jean d'Angely

Arnal Ctn Depot FosPort 06h30-19h30

 Zone Tertiaire Fos Graveleau, 13516 Port St Louis du Rhône

Arnal Ctn Depot Le HavrePort 08h00-18h45

 Route de la Plaine, 76600 Gonfreville l'Orcher

Arnal Ctn Depot LyonInland 08h00-17h45

 11 rue Jean Bouin, PEH, 69007 Lyon

Brangeon CholetInland 08h00-12h00 / 13h30-18h00

 ZA du Cormier, 49300 Cholet

Colis Lourds StrasbourgInland 06h00-20h30

 20 rue de Saint Nazaire, 67100 Strasbourg

Decor ToulouseInland 08h00-12h00 / 14h00-17h00

 7 avenue de l'Hers, 31621 Castelnau d'Estrefonds

Paris Terminal GennevilliersInland 05h30-18h30

 Route du bassin N°1, CE111, 92631 Gennevilliers

Lille Container TerminalInland


Place Leroux de Faukemont, 3eme avenue,

12eme rue, 59000 Lille

Stac Bruges Bordeaux

Inland 08h00-12h00 / 13h45-18h00

 Rue Bertrand Balguerie, 33521 Bruges

Transport Becker


 08h30-12h00 /    13h30-18h00

 Zone Verte, 71880 Chatenoy le Royal

TCSI GaronnePort08h00-18h50                                                                    84 Chaussée des gares maritimes,76600 Le Havre
Prestalog VierzonInland07h00-18h00                                                                                                 Route René Dumont,18100 Vierzon



  1/The sole purpose of this document is to provide the working hours and addresses of the depots used by COSCO SHIPPING Lines France.

  2/The availability of the equipment in the depots remains subject to the approval of COSCO SHIPPING Lines France.

  3/The possibility to drop off empty equipment in the depots remains subject to the approval of COSCO SHIPPING Lines France.

  4/No special equipment (reefer, open top, flat rack) can be accepted in the inland depots.

  5/The reutilization of equipment is subject to the approval of COSCO SHIPPING Lines France's Equipment Control Department.
  Any un-authorized reutilization of equipment will be subject to a surcharge of EUROS 50/container.


  For more information, please contact


  You can access to the website of the Arnal depots to check if the container is scheduled to be received

  empty by the depot and get an estimation of the waiting time at the gates of the Arnal depots